Package 4:
The Prolific Writer-Plus

If you've been especially prolific, Package 4 is for you. You get 14 Web pages, room for 27 images or photos, lots of text, links and contact information. This package includes a personalized URL and email address.

Package 4 is designed with a page that links to 10 sub-pages. For example, you could list your 10 most recent books, and link to an individual page for each book.


This package includes the following features:

  • Personalized URL (i.e.,
  • Email address (i.e.,
  • 24-access to the Webwriter tool that will allow you to edit the page text, add links and upload your images
  • Help documentation to guide you through putting your text and images online
  • Help documentation to guide you through getting your images Web-ready
  • 16 Web pages, 27 images, five personal links, contact information, unlimited text
  • A listing in our member directory
  • Backups of all files
  • Basic customer support by e-mail (available weekdays)

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