Package 1
The Advertiser

Small site, big possibilities!
Get up and running quickly with this single-page site.

Eager to establish a Web presence, but don't yet have a lot of content? Or maybe you have a site already, but lack traffic. Get up and running quickly with this single-page Web site.

Update it as often as you like, or do it once and never think about it again.

Fast, inexpensive promotion for a project or book

• An online resume or writiing sample

• A starter site, or placeholder for a future site

• A "news update" page to be used with an existing site

A forwarding page, to help direct Web traffic to an existing site (helps with search-engine "rank")

This package includes the following features:

  • One Web page, two image spaces, five personal links, unlimited text
  • Personalized URL (i.e.,
  • Optional email address (i.e.,
  • 24-hr access to the Alaska Webwriter tool that will allow you to edit the page text, add links and upload your images
  • Help documentation to guide you through putting your text and images online
  • A listing in our online member directory
  • Backups of all files
  • Initial consultation and basic customer support by e-mail

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