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Whether you’re promoting a book or your own freelance writing services (or just want to build a relationship with readers), a good Web site can help. — Sonya Senkowsky


Contact: Sonya Senkowsky, 907-830-7355

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Imagine getting a magazine story assignment — without having to send a single clip! I admit it; when it comes to sending pieces of paper in the mail, I’m lazy . But I haven’t had to send a single photocopy of an article to an editor in more than two years. Thanks to my Web site (and a link in my e-mail queries), editors can check my credentials and see story samples without any help from me. These days, my first conversation with a new editor is about an assignment, not about my credentials.

The same goes for interview subjects. My biggest fear as a new freelance writer was my lack of an affiliation. We all know how people tend to take the calls from well-connected reporters before they'll return calls from, say, Your Small Local Hometown Journal. But these days, I just mention my Web address (I leave it on the phone message or send it by e-mail). By the time we talk, you can bet they’ve checked it out.

Whether you're promoting a book or your own freelance writing services (or just want to build a relationship with readers), a good Web site can help. When I decided to leave my newspaper job to freelance full-time, one of the first things I did — even before setting up my home office — was to establish my home office on the Web. My husband, a designer, helped. Today, that very simple site remains one of the most important parts of my writing business.

But building my first site wasn’t easy. Buying a catchy domain name was kind of fun. But then there’s shopping for a “host,” and figuring out how that’s different from an ISP, which I was already paying for)… And then there were all those calls to tech support … Even with several how-to books at my side, it was all mystical and frustrating to me — and took hours longer than I ever thought it would. (Luckily, my business site was not my first site; it was my third. By that time, I knew enough to keep it simple.)

Then an author friend asked for help creating her own Web site. It was just before her book tour. She didn't know what else to do. She had already gone through several Web designers, all of whom had let her down. I don't mean they just didn't do a good job; I mean they didn't do anything. She didn't have much of a budget, so I guess they didn't take her seriously. My husband and I took it on. He did the design; I was responsible for the technical side.

Along the way, I was surprised to learn that my friend’s publisher didn't offer any help with online promotion not even a link to her site! We created a great-looking site, but because of the earlier delays, and without high-profile links, it took more than three months for search engines like Google to even find it.

I've learned a lot since then. And I had an idea:

Why not overcome the problems and expense, and streamline the process of going online, by banding together with other Alaska writers? We don't all need to become Web designers to do it, either. (OK, maybe I do, but you don’t.) To help make this happen, I recently invested in a Web space large enough for hundreds of sites, and I'm also testing software that makes it possible to create and update Web pages using a fill-in-the-blank form. Best of all, we've created page templates that work for writers. No one else on the Web has this set-up, because I created it, just for us.

Imagine creating a Web site you can update on your own, anytime you want. Not only that, but imagine that you're part of a community that will help you promote and celebrate your services, your stories or your books. One year's membership, including your new home on the Web, starts at less than $150. (Compare to $25 and up per month just to get the typical site hosted.) Already have a site, but want to benefit from our link and promotion? Become a supporting member starting at $60/year + a one-time $25 set-up fee.

Get writing tips and special offers: Sign up for my mailing list (at the top of this page or elsewhere on the site), and I'll let you know as news, tips and services are added. Newsletter subscribers will also hear of exclusive offers. (No, I won’t sell your e-mail address.)

Finally, if you’ve read this far, I want to hear from you: Please follow up with a note or call to let me know what additional services AlaskaWriters could offer that would be of value to you. Or if you still have questions, let me know so that I can answer them.

PS - Require something special? Custom-designed sites are also available. Just e-mail me for a consultation and quote (

Get started now on your own writing Web site:

How it works
1. Review the available packages.

2. You won’t have to install software, pay a Web designer or even shop for a domain name. Just decide how many pages you need and some other basics, and within days, your site template is ready and waiting for you on the Web.

3. Once you place your order request, I will be in touch for a phone consultation. Once I'm sure you have the site package you need, I'll put the "shell" on the Web, and send along simple instructions, along with a unique user name and password (keep these to yourself).

4. Use your Web connection to access the online “Alaska Web Writer." Personalize your site with whatever text and images you need, online. Or, if you have purchased a coaching package, I will help you through the process in 6 easy steps.

5. Additional annual membership features, such as book cover links, and news and members page stories, continue to help drive visitors to your site.

6. Update your site over the Web as often as you wish.

>>Order now: Get started on your Web site today

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